One Male's Room Available for Spring 2019. Home Away from Home for the Serious PVAMU Student! Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2019.

Leasing Rates and Other Details

Leasing in Alta Vista Housing

The Alta Vista Housing does not have any rooms available for leasing. Both the Male and Female houses are full.  However, we are taking applications for rooms available in Dahlia Street for the Fall 2018. 

Leasing in the Dahlia Street Housing

Dahlia Street is currently under construction. The property will be ready for leasing  during the Fall 2018 semester. The student has a choice of either 1 or 2 bedrooms. The rent starts at $850 for a 1 bedroom studio unit; $875 for a 1 bedroom; and $675 per room in a 2 bedroom unit. Read "Details for Renting" below for information on applying for a room.  Click on "Rules and Regulations" to read about the behavior for leasing in our housing.

Rules and Regulations

Details for Renting

Rental Rates for the Alta Vista Housing and Dahlia Street

Alta Vista --- 

$625.00 monthly per room.

Dahlia St.  ---

1 Bedroom: $850. - $875. monthly

2 Bedroom: $675.00 monthly per room

Utilities are not included in the rent.

*** Monthly students will receive the cost of the utilities for each house. 

*** The bill will be split equally among the number of students living in the house.

*** The utility bill must be paid with the rent each month.

$750.00 Total for Deposit and Fees / Fall 2018

Application Fee --

$100.00 plus $3.00 PayPal Handling

Room Deposit ---

$250.00, which is refundable per the lease 

$400 Fees per Semester for the following  ---

*** $100.00 for use of laundry & Internet

*** $300.00 for utility and maintenance.  

Spring  Maintenance Fee --- $400.00

Making Monthly Rental Payments (Must Have a PayPal Account)

The rent is only accepted through PayPal.   

Monthly, the student will be issued an invoice for the amount of the rent and utilities due.

Rent is due on the 1st of each month.

Rent is late, if not paid by the 4th.

Late fees are eplained in the lease.

Rules and Regulations

Please download the Rules and Regulations for leasing in both the Alta Vista and Dahlia Street properties.  

If you have any questions, please call Ms. Dennis at (214) 566-7350.

Rules and regulations Updated 04232018 (pdf)